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Who said clarity was comfortable?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

[A conversation in + with Spirit.]

I feel so much bubbling up inside of me being stirred up in this Divine way, this purposeful way.

I wonder do those who walk in tremendous clarity ever get scared of seeing too much that they can't process or fully integrate it.


This word has been bobbing at the surface for me here lately. What do I need to integrate?

Knowing the same judgements you have against others are the ones you fear the most from others.

Oooh! Ouch!

Wondering if I'm the problem & the solution -- yes of anything you percieved as wrong.


Ok keep going.

It feels like a bruise/blow to your ego when it's actually only a massage. A loosening up of self control.

Inviting in flow.

Honor those places & the path you feel guided to journey. It is all purposeful.

I can feel the ease of release.

Everyone needs to mind dump. That's the first layer & then its time to tune in. Give yourself time to integrate.

Speaking/communicating during elevation feels like a blur because the initial minutes are for alignment & integration.

Who would you say are the true "leaders" of our family if any?

You are not interested in leading through the existing illusions, but pioneering into the uncharted territory of life in every aspect, new paradigms & realms & frequencies.

The experience you seek is beyond this world but that doesn't mean death is the only Avenue.

It's not about who the leaders are but to what & to where is to be led to.

Energy is an entire vehicle. That's why we "move through" it.... because it is literally that. Without energy there's no movement. Without movement what's the point of energy.

There's movement in physical stillness because the mind is active & the heart is ever connected. Bridge those two & healing unfolds in all directions, especially the direction(s) intended.

What is this feeling of life feeling so good at times that speaking on it and what's going on feels like bragging?

Ego is a trip. Again, literally. Takes your mind places your heart isn't invited. đź’” that's why ego trips mostly result in heartbreaks.

How do I move on? The discomfort of continuing on [like I Am] unchanged makes me nauseous.

The breakthrough is coming. A new wave. Ride it. Master it. Embody & become it. You are your own breakthrough.

Everytime you are willing to see yourself clearer.

I sometimes question my sanity only to reaffirm the expansion of that sanity.

Push the illusion of limits. Question everything & know the truth can only be realized... never created.

You always say that you don't "talk like this" when you absolutely do. You are God-filled. You are possible. You are clearer than you're comfortable with. Who said clarity was comfortable?

This is part of a larger flow entitled Intentional Spill. Original date through last modification below:

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