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Tune in.

We all have our tools to tune in, to tap in, to turn on our awareness & beyond this reality. We also have just as many, if not more, means to escape & distract ourselves. Through it all & above all, I've learned: Let intuition be your guide.

For so long I second guessed my intuition.

What I knew that I knew that I KNEW, but didn't understand how I could know. The Truth is in what we feel, what we are called to, what we know without a doubt despite visible evidence & more. In my experience, the clarity seems to grow with continuous healing & deep exploration.

It can be said that ultimately things are as real to us as we make them & as clear as we are willing to inquire.

Personally, my intuition leads me spiritually, creatively, infinitely & I am so deeply grateful that I finally trust It. I am actively uncovering within this deep trust in Life, in the Universe/God/Spirit, & in myself as a reflection of the Divine.

Throw reason aside, along with societal programming & trauma and tap in to what you truly know. Intuitively.

I encourage anyone that will listen, to utilize whatever tools are necessary in the raising of their vibration.

Another tool I use to tap in is journaling. This is one of my favorites, a guided meditation journal created by the @alex_elle. I'm officially on my second one & have gifted a few copies to loved ones. The journal also follows the moon cycles which I love as it helps me be intentional in not only releasing but really understanding & being clear on what I'm making space for.

The butterfly wings that bookmark my pages bring a delicacy to my mornings that remind me to slow down, admire their intricate beauty & call in the metamorphosis that I desire.

In such a time as these, I am not looking to change the world. As cliche as it may sound, I am only interested in Being the change I want to see knowing this is how I contribute to the collective.

Just about everyone wants to feel better than they do (b/c there's always better). Good vibes + healing are just as contagious as the empty hype if we allow. I've witnessed a chain reaction of this beautiful unfolding in those around me as we all inspire one another to at least reach just beyond the mediocrity.

Reflect + Unwind. It is time, the time is now!





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