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Take Care

"Take care of you for me" was something my grandmother would always tell us. A request to honor her by taking care of ourselves.

Self-care has taken on a whole new meaning since she transitioned a few months ago. She had a way of saying things that required you to reflect a bit more than you sometimes wanted to. I didn't understand what she was really saying until a few years ago.

I can hear her saying now how I'm so much better at words than she ever was. I trust she knows now that her wording was perfect.

The message that was wrapped up in it for me started with understanding all the ways she had not learned how to take care of herself, or her children, specifically my mother and the effects on my life. As a young woman, I began really taking interest who she was beyond my grandmother, but as a woman, as a person. Her words were an indirect acknowledgement that, while her care taking was not over, it was also no longer solely her responsibility. That she did the best she could and gave all that she had, but ultimately it's up to each individual person to take care of themselves.

I see her request more now as a prayer of love, grace and deep wisdom that only comes with experiencing life. As someone who had taken on the role of care taking in my past relationships and friendships, I have this beautiful clarity from my grandmother's simple words. The best way to take care is to empower others to take care of themselves. & the best way to live another who cares for you is to take care of yourself. Self-care, or lack thereof, affects every person and interaction in your life to some degree.

These days I'm taking care of myself for life, myself and all who love me or that I'm blessed to exchange energy with. I'm a work in progress, but it's progress nonetheless. I have things to do here that only I can do & to do these things, & embody my Highest self, I must simply Take Care. A kiss of grace from one to another.

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