• J'Elle

Love Astray

Mash up of lyrics of 4 songs. Guess which ones for 5 points?

This piece is about opening yourself back up to love. Having been in it, through it, murdered by its evil twin (conditional love), and now being on the other side of it all.

Looking at yourself in the reflection of your collective experience in it. Having an honest conversation with love from many angles & being able to see the many aspects of it. To recognize what unconditional love is by fully knowing what it is not. By being brave enough to confront it, by coming face-to-face with it, surrendering to it, and allowing yourself to be willing to be consumed by it. Understanding that it took what felt like walking away from it altogether to even be able to get a glimpse of the truth of it.

It is brave to walk away from all that you ever wanted and wanted to be. It's even more brave to remember it's all that you really are at the core of your being.

I am love. And I walk in that in trust, redemption & alignment.

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