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Journey through journaling

I have always journaled.

(only a small fraction of the many chapters of my life)

I have journals dating back to high school I believe. Its interesting, I never once called it a diary. Diaries in my perspective seem too secretive, laced with fears of exposure from someone finding it & seeing the "real" you.

Did I ever even have a chance for secrecy? My friends literally used to pass my journal around, searching for their name & my accompying thoughts, feelings, & reflections of my experiences with them and more. It fascinated me they even found what was within me the least bit interesting. Maybe it was their way to connect with me.

I was less verbally vocal back then, though I have never felt the need to deny what I was thinking or feeling. You can share & expose all you want, but that doesn't mean you are truly seen or heard. Journaling was a way for me to be heard, clearly, by God, myself & whoever else dare read.

Since then my purpose of journaling has expanded

I journal more freely now,

& in a sense sometimes, lately publicly.

I deeply believe in transparency + vulnerability.

There's a difference between writing for public consumption, & writing in a way that should be shared & publicly consumed. I see how much my vulnerability and wines to share helps others.

My Life Coach invited me to start thinking about my legacy. At the time, I had no idea what that even meant for me. I started to look around to see where my footprints had already made their mark, & what I could intentionally create from it. I finally realized my foundation was in my expression.

I am thrilled with the possibility that one day my children's children's children may still have my writings.

passing down my journals

for reference,

for comfort,

for validation + confirmation

of who they are, what they're experiencing, what they desire,

to know the possibilities of their Being

& the remaining ceilings of our family, of life I had yet to break through.

I encourage others to document their life in whatever way they feel called it. Journaling has literally saved my life too many times to count. It's therapy, an indulgence, a vehicle into the ethers of time & space where all & nothing exists.

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