• J'Elle

Cosmic Arousal

Enter me

With the Fullness of Life

Knowing, trusting, affirming

I am but a vessel

& this is what I was made for

Who I was made for

To take It all in

Igniting my Awareness

Inviting me to savor every bit of this new Truth

Intoxicated by the sweet taste of peace

of alignment

of clarity

of Divinity

It is here I am seduced by my own wholeness

Full-filled deeply, consistently

In pure essence, in ecstacy

I can feel the throbbing of infinite Source energy

Tangible teases of vibrational promises roll over me in waves

& it's at this very moment that I am overcome

With the Universal creativity of all there is

Bursting at the seams

I come undone over & over

Over the prematurely defined edge of Existence

Immersed in an ocean of Gratitude

Attempting to grip the reality I once needed

Until it falls away

Awakened to a state of Flow

I am no longer just a single drop in the ocean

A beautiful conception

The birthing of my self

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