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c a s h m e r e

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Touch so soft.

It's barely touch at all.

It intrigues the senses

Craving more

While fully immersed in the space of the less

A feathery feel

The touch of a whisper

The caress of a breeze

b r e a t h e

There you'll find the essence

Of Life

The ghost of memories linger

Beautifully haunting this moment

Hovered by a mutual remembrance

That kisses the very breath

Escaping barely parted lips

The deepening

i n h a l e

One energy back into another

The merging of a soul never meant to split

A finding of a deeper part of self

Never fit for this plane

Too whole to remain [in seeming shatters]

A quick glimpse, instantly fuzzy

Questioning. The known is

i l l u s i o n

The warmth of the elusive

What can't be fully seen

What can't be fully had

But can only be embodied in Spirit

Touched from within

Enveloped in a dream

Drifting off to

c a s h m e r e

These songs make me feel like cashmere:


Alicia Keys | Snoh Alegra

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